2023 – present

Thal Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED-lighting modules and thermal interface and electro-conductive performance material solutions. High-end LED lighting provides vast energy savings and new value-add functionalities, in sectors as horticulture, human-centric lighting, connected lighting, etc. The performance materials enhance growing deployment of high-performance chips, power electronics or energy solutions in global industries.

Deelneming in Thal

2013 – 2021

Takeover and succession of the founder of a successful family business. Red Point designs and manufactures special valves for chemicals, oil & gas and other industries. The company achieved substantial growth in international markets and strategic expansion into new product-market combinations, such as LNG or fertilizer-production applications, away from oil & gas dependency.


2006 – 2012

A buy-in of an industrial and automotive sealings manufacturer from then AEX-listed Koninklijke Econosto. An extensive restructuring, after several market and technology shifts,  followed up by new product developments and innovations, international expansion as well as internal processes professionalization. TEMAC was sold in 2012 to an international strategic buyer.


2004 – present

Participation and growth financing  of an innovative, internationally fast-growing technology firm. GuideID develops and provides software and hardware, creating the world’s smartest audio guide to leading museums and other venues worldwide. Advising at crucial stages of development has contributed to  a successful pivot towards SaaS/PaaS model and international expansion with long-term growth of 20-30% per annum.


2016 – present

Hotelchamp is developing and providing intelligent software marketing and sales platform (Saas) for boosting direct revenues and improving guest relations of global hotel industry at the same levels of advanced conversion and persuasion technology that is currently being utilised only by the industry leaders. Consequently accelerating of profitability of the hotels by avoiding ever increasing commissions paid to the dominating OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).