• Investing entrepreneurs
  • On the way toward sustainable success

HLMO joins organisations in times of change and growth. We invest knowledge, skills and capital in the development of new products and other markets. We focus on existing technologies that can directly contribute to green transition, decarbonization and growth of a circular economy. We take part in an acquisition or succession. We take the lead where necessary. What is great we make even better and together with the entire organisation, we build toward sustainable success.

The power of experience

Over the past decades, the HLMO founders have gained a wealth of experience within an extensive range of companies. We have supported a wide range of innovation paths, product developments and expansions into new markets. All that experience adds up to more opportunities and more value for everyone involved. As we are personally involved in every investment, we put our heart and soul into taking the company to the next phase.

Continuity, ambition and growth

The way we see it, short-term continuity and long-term ambition go hand in hand. We optimise processes, improve cooperation and strengthen management. In this way, we build organisations that stand proudly on their feet even during turbulent times. We develop a growth strategy that everyone can stand behind based on the organisation’s strengths.

Growing pace of green transition

Trailing behind targets so far, the developments towards a sustainable future now require much more practical effort. A growing pace of the green transition is a necessity for our society, the economy and companies alike, while by the same token offering a growth opportunity for those who are prepared. Most of the upcoming needs can be met with already existing technologies and products reallocated or steadily innovated towards the demands of the transformation processes.

From succession to success

We know from experience what it’s like to sell and leave one’s carefully built company. The succession of a founder therefore always receives our special attention. We help the founder to leave its business in capable hands. We take the lead and give the organisation confidence in the future, standing up to new challenges of the world around us. Thinking along and helping to lead through technology shifts and market adaptations, we keenly work with a management team that can take on any challenge.

Sustainable thinking, creative action

Our guiding light is sustainable success. For us, sustainability means a good future for everyone. For the shareholders, for the employees and for society as a whole.

Sustainability is also conducting business with respect for what has been established and for the potential within the organisation. Increasingly this includes implementation of practicable and future-facing internal ESG guidelines and reporting. This makes great things even better to ensure sustainable growth.

We are always interested in new participations and acquisitions. We always like to get in touch with entrepreneurs, investors and corporate finance advisers.